Teamspeak makes my mic gets louder and louder

I have had this problem a long time I have looked into this what others have experienced similar problems but can’t find a solution for this and it is only happening in TeamSpeak. When I test my mic in TeamSpeak it gets louder and louder and it gets static and makes clipping sound. And I have tried to turn down the volume of my mic in windows but then people can’t hear me. It seams TeamSpeak is auto adjuting the gain of my mic and makes it louder then it should be. It makes me louder than it should be.

Might be the GAIN on the mic that you have set up.
What kind of mic do you have?

i have a HyperX Quadcast mic it works fine on discord and other program

This unfortunately occurs in the test. It seems like TeamSpeak (still) did not remove AGC from the test.
The test does currently not represent what actually gets send!
If other people complain about your gain changing they have to make sure to disable AGC in their playback options. This is not on you and there is unfortunately nothing you can do about it.