TeamSpeak Notifications throw me out of my game

Its the second time that I am playing tibia and team speak switch to own window for notification and I die playing.

How can I disability this to this doesnt switch to window of team speak for a simple notification.

I tried in configurations but didnt work, its something in the windows.

Either click Manter ativado or Desativar. The prompt will not come again.
For notifications in general:
Windows always brings newly opened windows into focus. This behavior is unrelated to the software itself. TeamSpeak 5 does not use new windows for notifications - so that might be a solution. Another would be to use an operating system that is actually configurable. Also in my testing, this popup did not steal focus. However, you might have luck with using some Windows manipulating magic, like GitHub - bladeSk/StayFocused: Prevents focus stealing on Windows.