Teamspeak notify plugins!

Hello, I am looking for someone who could make a small plugins which is all simply a plugins so that it notifies via a sound when someone joined the server as the default channel like that, it allows me to receive a sound for know when players come from this connected to my server.


Do I understand you correctly?
You want to receive an audio cue when someone connects to the server?

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yes that’s it i just want a little sound that says that someone has just connected to the server

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This already is possible by using a soundpack that supports this.

By default the TTS soundpack does so but I’m sure you can find others.


no you didn’t understand I want to hear a sound when someone connects to my server puts me I am in my office I do not stay in the reception so it will not work

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Have a look here!
Isn’t this what you want?

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yes that’s it but yet its already ticked like on your picture that you showed and it doesn’t work

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Yes this is because most soundpacks do not support this feature.
As I said you could use the TTS one.

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How to add a missing sound to an existing soundpack.

Find the pack

You have to locate the installation folder of the soundpack.

Default soundpacks

The default ones are located in the TeamSpeak installation folder.
For 64 bit (most of them) installations it should be loacted here.
C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak 3 Client\sound\
For 32 bit here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\TeamSpeak 3 Client\sound\default
If you installed TeamSpeak on a different drive you have to change the drive letter of the path accordingly.

Custom soundpacks

Addon soundpacks are mostly installed in the %appdata% directory of TeamSpeak.
It can be found here:
If you can not find the soundpack there just have a look around.

Modify the settings

Each soundpack contains a settings.ini file and any amount of other files (mostly .wav).
You now have to modify the settings.ini file.

Find what you want to add / change

In your case you need to find the line

Decide whether you want to add a sound file or a text to speech message.

Sound File

If you want to add a new sound file you just have to drag the file to the soundpack folder.
Then you need to modify the line in the settings.ini file accordingly:


This is even easier as the TTS module is built into TeamSpeak.
You just have to modify the settings.ini file accordingly.
CLIENT_CONNECTION_CONNECTED_SERVER = say("Anything you want TeamSpeak to say.")


Then you can save the file, reload the soundpack or restart TeamSpeak.


yes I just did it before seeing your message I had the same idea and it works nikel thank you.

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