TeamSpeak own server. No connection from the internet

I am trying to host an own ts server and to connect from the internet. I have set up the server.exe and I have a static ipv 6 adress. I also activated port forwarding in my router and deactivated my windows firewall. What am I doing wrong.

Yours sincerly,

Thank you for your Answer.

Im trying to connect from the outside via IPv6 and IPv4. Nether of it works. I use a FritzBox 7530. Dont know if that browser supports IPv6 but I see an Adress when i tiype “ipconfig” in the windows cmd.


It seems that the ports are still closed, but I Dont know why

Yes they are. But I found the problem. I only have a carrier-grade NAT ip. So I can’t forward Ports anyway. Let’s see if my provider can give me a public ip

Does dynamic DNS also work when the IPv4 is from a carrier-grade NAT?