Teamspeak Plugins

I have a few questions about Teamspeak Plugins/addons:

  • Where can i learn coding Teamspeak addons
  • Which programing language do i need to learn
  • What Programm should i use
  • do I need experience in other languages?

Sincerely, BannerTv


There are many YouTube Tutorials to learn coding a TeamSpeak 3 Plugin.

TeamSpeak plugins (loaded by the client software) can be written in C/C++

You can use Visual Studio for this. :slight_smile:

There are also Script interpreters for various languages, so that you can write scripts executed by the client. A LUA plugin is provided by TeamSpeak Systems, others are available by third parties.

The TeamSpeak SDK can be used to implement TeamSpeak voice technology into your own product and can be used with any language that can use C Libraries.

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