TeamSpeak Poke Plugin for 3.6.0?

Hello good day I need a bulk poke plugin that can work in the updated version of teamspeak, I wonder if there is anyone who can help with this issue :slight_smile:
Normally there is a plugin that works in the old version, but using the old version does not log in to the new version ts, so I need it in the new version.
A short information can also be for version 3.5.6

Do you have a link to the plugin that you are referring to?


It works on 3.1.10 version, all I want is that it works on 3.5.6 and above. In addition, I left the virüstotal link below so as not to make you suspicious :slight_smile:


Is anyone dealing with plugins :slight_smile:

why do you need a poke plugin, to poke more then 2 clients?

if yes: you could use the all new ts5 client!

like: just left click on someone and then press ctrl + left click, so you can select multiple people, and perform “multi -actions”. the same goes for a left click on one client and shift left click on the other client, it will also select all clients in between.

(would be an alternative, if the plugins do not work yet)


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First of all, hello, I have a large audience on teamspeak (200+) to call these people to an instant event in the game, instantly poke is very useful to us, but this plugin works in the old version and we cannot use ts in the old version unfortunately :confused:

There is a majority of people using TeamSpeak 5, yes, but still for us teamspeak 3 is a completely different world :smiley:

Sever wide whisper seems like a good alternative option for this. I’ll look into remaking the poke plugin. for the newer TS client.

Waiting with curiosity :slight_smile:

Is there any progress on this?

I had forgotten about this, I will add it to my calendar. Either this week or next week! :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking forward to it :slight_smile: 3.6.x

i follow this.
thank you.

Any progress on this :slight_smile: