Teamspeak Query BOT

Hi EveryOne am new with Topics
i need some website Script teamspeak 3 Query BOT

  • AFK mover
  • Support notified
  • welcome message
  • anti VPN
  • Jail : a member with Server group JAIL moved auto to jail channel
    i have website and i want install it there
    Please help me

You can do all that you mentioned with Sinusbot or ControlBot.
Sinusbot: Linux - SinusBot Documentation
Controlbot: GitHub - Xortdan/TBot: bot for server TeamSpeak 3

is This Allowed in Website ???

I’m not sure, I’m using one from the hosting.

what you mean about that
Web Host or VPS host

I wanted to say that I am buying a control bot, but you can install one on vps for free.

Thanks Bro

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You’re welcome.