TeamSpeak Questions about assigning roles and making whisper groups

I can’t seem to figure out how to add roles to myself or how to make whisper groups. If anyone is able to help.

Right click on yourself and then Server or Channel Groups. When there are no such menus then you do not have enough member Add power.

What do you mean with whisper group?
Whisper is setup under Setings -> Whsiper and there you select the targets you want to whisper to.


I think with a whisper group he means to whisper with multiple people

I manged to figure out the whisper stuff but for the groups is it the same as TeamSpeak 3 when adding them to yourself? So if I can add them on TeamSpeak 3 then I can do it on the new client?

If you use the same identity than yes

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It is the same account and everything on both to the best of my knowledge and I can add the roles I want to add on TeamSpeak 3 but not the new TeamSpeak.

Then you do not have permissions and i guess you do not use the same identity.
Same account does not mean same identity.


I see both identities and they are the same name on both but neither works on new TeamSpeak but work on the old Teamspeak. Is there a way to fix it?

Unless I am missing something it would be the same as the identity is listed and lets me add them on TS 3 but not the new version.