Teamspeak Reconnection

In our gaming journeys, there are moments when we find ourselves abruptly disconnected from the camaraderie of Teamspeak. Personally, I cherish those instances when Teamspeak 3 seamlessly ushers me back into the fray, effortlessly reconnecting me to the very channel I had been immersed in. This feature, unfortunately, seems to have been overlooked in the transition to Teamspeak 5.

Picture this: amidst the heat of battle, when every second counts, a sudden disconnection disrupts the flow of communication with my squad. With Teamspeak 5, reestablishing that connection entails a cumbersome process of navigating through channels, detracting from the intensity of the gameplay.

Is there a way to restore the elegance of automatic channel reconnection, reminiscent of Teamspeak 3, ensuring uninterrupted communication amidst the chaos of combat?

This feature is build into TS5 as well.

But auto reconnect has requirements to work as expected (same as in TS3)

  • The channel on server must be same as it was before timeout
  • The client must know the right password for the channel in case the channel has one that you must enter
  • The own channel join power must be high enough to join the channel (mostly not set)

It should know the password, and how can I set the join power?

You don’t if don’t need any. The bigger admins on server setup permissions.