Teamspeak "Roadmap"

The info comes from the tweet:

I am not a staff member at Teamspeak!, I’m sharing this post here as it seems to have gone down on Twitter.

Here is an in-depth look at what Teamspeak ist currently working on and what you can expect in the upcoming months.


Being the most requested feature in TeamSpeak’s history, we’d like to be open about it. Screenshares will generally work over the Server side of things but there will be another option to do it via Peer-to-peer. We’ll be sharing more Information soon.

TeamSpeak Mobile App - TS Chat

As previously announced, we’ve been working on a new Mobile App for both iOS & Android. We’re making great progress and look forward to seeing you all get hands-on with it. Soon, we will be releasing a TestFlight and Google Playtest.

Chat anywhere - Server wide Chat Channel

With Chat Anywhere, you can send and view messages in a channel even if you are not connected to it. This means that you can catch up on important conversations, share updates, and collaborate with your team from anywhere, at any time.

New Website and myTeamSpeak Overhaul

We’re working on bringing a fresh & new look to both our Website and Cloud Service. This will hopefully give it more of a modern look and make it easier to navigate.

Community Client Translation

We’re currently internally testing a tool for community client translations that will allow you all to submit translations for the TeamSpeak Client in any language to make the client more accessible to everyone around the globe.

Chat Search

No more endless scrolling for that one message. With Chat Search you will be able to quickly find what you’re looking for, both in a channel and global chat. Get ready to search smarter, not harder.

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