TeamSpeak RPG Collection Thread

Btw we totally missed discussing this…
Is someone getting the reference here?
I mean we searched the past, so we might need to wait for future posts now?

I have no idea rn… trying to find new stuff but yeah, might have to wait for new hints haha

we may have to but posts on twitter suggests it was already completed and can be redeemed today Apr 1st?

can you link the tweets that suggest that it has already been completed please ?

So we might be faster, than Teamspeak expected us to be, or they just dont want it to be finished that quickly :stuck_out_tongue:

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i think they meant that someone has finished the RPG (as in got to the end page) not solved the badge? maybe?

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yeah that’s what i understood too

Sure. I meant we need to wait some minutes (maybe hours) for the next hints ^^

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Correct :), be warned however, there is bogus code letters too!


i mean, they literally want us to find it and keep posting the clues, if we had to wait they might have posted one or two clues later and as the RPG was created 15 days ago, i don’t think they want us to wait for future posts?
just a thought,



Not yet. But together we will find one >:)


does 107 has anything to do with the P in the spot

probably not; I noticed that they like putting important stuff in bold letters or caps and 107 follows the number chain in the thread

oh ok thx

Write a number until a team member comes :O - #9768 by Five_Alive 5D

Write a number until a team member comes :O - #9731 by Five_Alive 14


New tweet says 48 hours untill code expires XD


Bang on 12 too :smiley:

It was a hint or an info ? Future will say