Teamspeak Server Firewall settings


I am looking for some help with my teamspeak server.

Firewall- ufw

Ports Open: I have already allowed the following ports and are working properly:
9987 UDP
10011 TCP
30033 TCP
13303 TCP

Error is: File transfer failed.

But still my file transfer is failing. I have tried different configurations in filetransferip= with external ip and without any ip given nothing is working.

Any help will be appreciated on how to fix the file transfer issue.

Also the moment I disable my ufw firewall I am able to use my file upload/download again.

I’ve already searched the old forums for some help but looks like I cannot find it so here I am…

Hmm, you didn’t change your filetransfer port perhaps? I’d double check it’s on 30033

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File transfer port is on 30033 so did I do something wrong here?

Hey, I fixed it. You can close this topic now.