Teamspeak server install addons for clients


After setting up a server I thought it would be nice for others to see which game they are playing. Now I know that there is such thing as AppScanner, however this is not installed by default anymore (or at least not on macOS).

Knowing the endless possibilities of teamspeak, I said to myself, surely there must be a way for the server to automatically install addons for users, albeit with a script of some sort. Yet even online I could not find any thread about this topic, so here I am.

It this possible? If not, could this be implemented?

Thanks in advance!

i dont think this is a good idea in this form, but in the client the app scanner can be implemented and user decide to use it or not :slight_smile:

However they will never add a system that can just “randomly” install client side plugins.
No one would ever connect to a server that they don’t manage as everything could happen!
Maybe the server could recommend the usage of myTeamSpeak “certified” plugins but due to security concerns they won’t add an auto-install-plugins-from-server function.

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Yeah random installation of plugins should not be allowed but like some sort of pop-up showing users that the server wants some plugins to be installed would negate that problem

I mean you could just set it as a host message.
In TeamSpeak (5) it shows really “nicely” and interrupts any interaction until noticed.


the problem is that it irritates users :smiley:

Yeah, true

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