Teamspeak server port forwarding not working

Hi. I use a sky hub, and I tried to port forward for teamspeak. I did it all and when I try to connect with my ip, it just says “error”. Screenshot:

Did you allow the TeamSpeak server to pass your firewall?

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How would I do that with a sky router?

Well you’re running TeamSpeak on a PC/server and not on a router.
You have to allow TeamSpeak to pass the firewall on that machine.
(no matter it’s a Windows or Linux firewall)

Btw. just as note:

Don’t open ports you don’t need.
Don’t open the wrong protocol for ports.

The wiki will tell you if it is TCP or UDP.

Service Protocol Local Port (Server) Remote Port (Client)
Voice UDP 9987 1024-65535
Filetransfer TCP 30033 1024-65535
ServerQuery (raw) TCP 10011 1024-65535
ServerQuery (SSH) TCP 10022 1024-65535
TSDNS (optional) TCP 41144 1024-65535
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I have let teamspeak server through the firewall and redone all the port forwarding, but it’s still not working.

Are you able to connect with your local IP address?
Some routers are not able to resolve their public IP address to internal devices.

No, my ip doesnt work to connect.

Hi can you still assist me with this.

is it forwarding the packets to your PC behind the router? The top picture looks more like a firewall list, you’ll want to make sure they forward to whatever is running the server (assuming that’s on your LAN)

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I don’t really know much about this stuff I’m not into net working and stuff. Can you explain how to fix this problem please?

Hey, yeah I’m back.
How about you start to share some details with us?

What’s the OS of the PC your TeamSpeak server runs on?
Is the PC connected to your router via. LAN or WLAN?
Is there a (managed) switch or anything related between your PC and the router?

Just name the most details, please and all the stuff you tried.

Btw. just a question to the screenshot your provided…

Is it normal active firewall rules have a grey dot in front?
Shouldn’t it be a green dot if the rule is active?

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