TEAMSPEAK SERVER USE Elastic public network IP

iI have deployed a TeamSpeak server, which can be accessed through the internal network of the server, but when I use the elastic public network IP, it indicates that I cannot connect to the server

Did you deploy your TeamSpeak server in you own home network, if you did you have to open the corresponding ports in your router found here.

I use the TeamSpeak server in the server network, the server provider uses elastic IP, and this service also listens to the internal network, and I open all these ports

could you send me a screenshot of you teamspeak client when you are trying to connect to you server?

It is a server I RENT,and it’s ip is correct

Are you sure the server ist running ore runs on standart ports? Did you deploy the teamspeak server yourself, if so you can check if it is runnig by typing this into you console ./ status

maybe I didn’t told you my teamspeak server is windows server

sorry but I can’t help you there I have nerver used Windows to host a Teamspeak server, but did you try to edit you firewall settings? Maybe Windows blocks those ports?!

I guess maybe the ports are not opend for the connection, please make sure that you setup all ports who is used by TeamSpeak correctly.

By default, incoming ports are not allowed on Windows for new services unless you allow it during the installation. Therefore, you have to do it manually and allow the required ports on the Windows firewall.
TeamSpeak uses various ports/protocols for feasible connection with client and server. Here, we will need only Voice, File transfer, and ServerQuery (raw) ports.