TeamSpeak Server weird connection issue/bug


I would first off like to thank anyone who will read this and try to help me out.

So we currently have a dedicated machine, which is running two TeamSpeak 3 servers. Since they are both on the same IP, we’ve changed the ports that they are operating on, so that there is no “collision” between them. For example, first server (hereafter “server A”) uses default_voice_port 9987 while the second one (hereafter “server B”) uses 9988. Same is done with query_port and filetransfer_port.

The issue we are having is that whenever someone tries to connect to server B, they always get the error saying: “Failed to connect to server”. This behavior repeats itself, even if you try connecting 5 times in a row, restarting client, restarting your PC, etc…

The only solution we have found so far is that they must first connect to server A. After successful connection, you can normally access server B without any errors or issues. This bug/issue only occurs when trying to connect to server B. Everyone can always normally access server A.

The weird thing that I’ve noticed is that after some time (a few hours I guess) the same bug/issue appears again and the only way to fix it is to do the actions described above again. So for example, yesterday night I could connect normally and this morning I had the issue again.

Below you can find technical information about our dedicated machine, TeamSpeak servers and also some client logs from people who were unable to connect (sensitive information has been hidden/replaced).

Dedicated Machine OS: Ubuntu Server 20.4.2 LTS
Server A Version: 3.13.3
Server B Version: 3.13.5

Both servers are being ran within Pterodactyl panel, meaning they are running inside isolated Docker containers.

Server A Details:

  • License: Gamer License (128 slots ~ 2 virtual servers)
  • Ports: 9987 (voice port), 10011 (query port), 30033 (filetransfer port)
  • Everything correctly port forwarded

Server B Details:

  • License: No License (Anonymous)
  • Ports: 9988 (voice port), 10012 (query port), 30034 (filetransfer port)
  • Everything correctly port forwarded

Startup Command: ./ default_voice_port=9987 query_port=10011 filetransfer_port=30033 serveradmin_password=REDACTED license_accepted=1

^ The command looks the same for both server, the only thing that is different are the values of ports and serveradmin_password. Password has also been redacted for obvious security reasons.

Click here for client log which was taken when I couldn’t connect to server B this morning. After taking the actions mentioned beforehand I could connect normally. Sensitive information like IPs and such have been replaced.