TeamSpeak Speex Ultra-Wibeband

which one is the most powerful option is performing between Opus Voice Speex Ultra-Wibeband? also how do I enable the option because it doesn’t give me it clickable?

It’s not clickable because it was dropped for lack of quality.

Opus voice is best for voice and Opus music for music.


Speex was deprecated in the TS server some time ago, as Opus is better and more efficient.
In the newer versions, Speex is no longer supported.

Between Opus Music and Voice,
Music is stereo and thus not great for normal talking as you only have half the bandwidth for voice data.


To get the highest quality on my teamspeak server I just have to do this I did?


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ok instead another thing could you tell me the best security settings for my server is how can i enlarge the upload size?