TeamSpeak Statuspage

I would like to suggest a status page ( for TeamSpeak, because you could subscribe to a newsletter there for example and also schedule long term maintenance there for example for TS5 chat or other TeamSpeak services.

I think it’s good that something like this is also posted on social media. But a direct status page of TeamSpeak with all services and information would be better too.

Here I have listed some status pages that occurred to me and that would offer everything you need


Good place to recommend Uptime-Kuma

I like the Statuspage idea, it would be nice to know that things are moving along with TS5 on schedule, it would also be nice to know if there is a schedule, e.g., a timeframe or expected to to be released either full public beta and a goal looking forward to a release.

And maybe there is such a Statuspage of sorts already out there other than forums. If there is I’d like to see a link to it.

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