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My friend has a MAC and he cant update to any newer version than MAC OS 10.11.6 and we both run a community where we require teamspeak for the police, ambulance and fire radio to keep clear communications between us. But the latest version of team speak cant run on his mac so we are looking for what version he can run on his system. Any help is obliged feel free to contact me on discord as i will 99% reply and see it faster there.

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What do you mean with can’t run? More details please.

Have you tried to hold Shift key and open the app that way?

Does this version work better?

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So his mac cant update anymore due to it being over 10 years old. So hes on MAC OS 10.11.6 but the current Teamspeak version 3.5.6 requires the latest MAC OS update witch is 10.12. So we need to try find the version of teamspeak for his version. I got this link witch has older versions on.

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