Teamspeak Videochat & Screenshare

We talked about this before with @SYOX


This may be a cool feature, but it represents TeamSpeak no longer. Would TeamSpeak really still be TeamSpeak if video broadcasting was possible?

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It will be a better Teamspeak in my opinion (the more tools it offers the users the better)


In my view, less is more here.

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I’m using TeamSpeak because it’s good at doing what it does.

File sharing alone already exceeds the feature set I expect from a voice communication software and nobody I know seriously uses it except for hosting images which are used on the server itself, such as images in channel descriptions.

I don’t need another piece of bloated “can do everything” software. I prefer to mix and match software and select the most suitable tool for the task at hand.

Also, “can do everything” software tends to be good at one thing in particular, and that’s usually what the software was originally designed to do. All the other stuff that they pour into the mix later is usually inferior when compared to other software which was actually designed for the purpose right from the start.

I want TeamSpeak to focus on the one thing that they are good at instead of continuing their previous “Look, we welded some new half-baked feature onto the side” approach.

Leave screen sharing to the plugin creators for those users who really need it. I wouldn’t even complain if they created the plugins themselves, just don’t force all those optional fancy features onto people who prefer simplicity.


I think a Channel and/or Groupbased Videochat would be nice. Especially for meetings. There is also a Plugin for TS3 that is doing this but sadly it isn’t compatible with Debian 10 anymore. So the best way would be to have a integrated solution directly from Teamspeak. What do you guys think about this?


Yes and no.


No. TeamSpeak is Voice chat after all. Video is offered by others like Messenger and the load of such calls would be handled by who? Hopefully not server owners.


It would be cool to have but not an important feature in my eyes.

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Well, TS was always preferred as voice only solution. Adding videochat would change it a lot, but it’s not that bad idea.

But maybe instead “classic” videochat with webcams, it would be possible to share screens if someone wants to do this sort of stuff. Or even both.

I’ve a lot of times had to made a screenshot of something I wanted to share to someone else on the same channel and few times even this wasn’t enough and had to also tell what I meant when sending screenshot. :thinking:

I know it would extend the development of TS5 and not everyone will use it, but hey, that’s a nice idea, and maybe it will be added :smiley:

So yeah, “classic” videochat - not a bad idea, but with possibility to turn off webcam.
“Sharing screen” videochat - maybe this would be it.

What do you think, fellow TS3 and TS5 users?

Edit: added poll, so you can tell your opinion that way if you don’t want to write/like.

  • Voice only
  • Voice + webcam
  • Voice + screen sharing
  • All of them
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Nope, I think this app should remain centered around Voice comms and chat systems only. If we start adding videochat, screenshares, etc. It would increase system usage of teamspeak which is the main preferable reason for users to use teamspeak.


No, I think it should stay with voice only. So I would not use video.


I wouldn’t use a video chat function either, but i would definitely use the screen sharing function because there is often a moment where u want to show something off to you buddy ^^


I dont use it. To Video Chat i use Skype.

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Not bad idea but the ScreenShare feature would be better.


Well most time i only speak on TS but sometimes i wanna share my screen or videochat with others. Because TS does not support this feature yet we always need to switch to other services.

Love that suggestion!


I think a screen sharing function within teamspeak would be very useful.

I have some very clever people on my ts server that are often helping others troubleshoot their computers. We normally resort to using team viewer.


I dont use it.
My server’s bandwidth is 20 M.
The TS server require 8-12M.
If videochat is actived,my TS will not work.
And I use wechat to videochat.@_@


If Teamspeak support Videochat, i don’t use it anymore.
Teamspeak is only for Audio.

Sorry @winzi


I totally understand you @llwwfrm. But what if it would’ve been something like server add-on? By default, it’s not enabled, but if you want to use it, you download a package for your server that enables that and you can customize it how you like it.

Want only voice, don’t download/enable it. Want channel or two with any of these features, enable it and modify any channel to your liking. Or let channel admins do this for their own channels, you’re the server admin. It’s the same principle as with server/channel groups, not everyone uses them, even, if they are a fundemental thing in TS.

Paraphrasing TeamSpeak motto: Your server. Your rules.


I wouldn’t mind this idea, but they should also make it in a way, where you can’t do it in every channel or so.


Keep TS voice centered, this is what makes it amazing in the world of bloated software apps, I would hate to see teasmpeak to become bloated !!!

but on that note, as gamers we use a multitude of different services to share video, whilst using Teamspeak. Would love to have an option for streaming cameras.
Would like the ability to run the video service on other servers so no impact on TS and it always plays second fiddle to voice comms, it doesnt even need to be perfectly synched to voice.