Teamspeak wants to update but will not

teamspeak wants to update but will not keep hitting restart several times still on beta 23

Try to run the application as administrator.

If this doesn’t work uninstall and install the app.

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also found out under app to remove in win 10 there was 3 different versions of teamspeak 5.0.0 removed all of them

ok managed to remove it all and reinstall to latest but unsire why it showed me 3 different versions of ts

Well the list of apps are just shortcuts.
(like the startmenu for example)

The TeamSpeak update created new shortcuts (linked to the uninstaller) but didn’t remove the old ones.

Maybe I’m wrong or this issue got fixed already.

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im going to monitor this on the next update and see what it decides to do

i only noticed it as i was trying to remove it

Please uninstall that beta23 and then install beta 24 from

As mentioned from b24 to next beta your updater problem is fixed.

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