Teamspeak3 Client/PTT/Tokovoip/Radio issue...this is a weird one


So I am running the latest TS3 client and tokovoip to access a roleplay server on FiveM.
My ‘machine’ of choice is a virtual machine called Shadow ( which I do my gaming on. Windows 10 environment, connected to via the internet from my Macbook.

With me so far?

I can talk using continuous voice only.
I can’t use PTT at all, despite trying everything possible known to man, woman or child.
I can use radio plugin for playing cop/ems and using a radio channel for comms, but when I do the continuous voice then stops working and I can’t talk to anyone other than using the radio.

I thought it was an issue with the virtual machine so contacted the makers, Shadow, who blamed the specific TS/Toko setup.

I went to the server devs for the fivem server and they’re sure they have set everything up properly, as I’m the only one who can’t use it.

So it’s gotta be an issue with my virtual machine setup, so wondering if anyone here is able to figure it out for me or with me before I rip my hair out.

Hey man, did you ever get an answer for this? I play on one of the “members” only servers on FiveM for GTA V and I recently started having this exact issue. We have radios and once I key out (PTT) on the radio, I can no longer use continuous voice and have to disconnect and then connect back to the TeamSpeak/Tokovoip server to be able to use continuous voice again. SO annoying because I used to just be able to talk to my peeps on the radio when they’re not around me and then go back to talking normally to the people around me and now I have to PTT to talk on the radio, click over to TS, disconnect, reconnect, and then I can talk to the people around me again.

im having this exact issue…any luck???

I’m having the same exact issue!

I don’t know if it has something to do with the problem, but I run all my sound through a digital audio software called Voicemeeter.
Everytime I get a phone call in-game and I answer it, I do have to press “caps lock” to answer them. It works flawless when I’m in that conversation, but as soon as the call ends, I can no longer hear other people, nor they can hear me.

I went into options and had to assign my playback device channel and input device channel again. Then people could finallly hear me again.
But as soon as I got a new call, I was back to square one. :frowning:

I don’t know if it an issue on my side, or if there is an issue with the “connection” between Teamspeak and the TokoVoip-plugin.