Teamspeak3 often notice" connection lost "

I can be sure about that my network is fun, when i join every server for about 15-30 mins, i will lose connection, but my game or other apps which need network is working fun. After i restart TS3 Client, I can connect the server.
I have changed my DNS to It’s useless.
I need someone’s help. Hope that can be solved…

Does it happen to you on all servers or only on a specific one?

all servers
I add ts3client_win64.exe to pass the Firewall. And now it online about 2 hours and didn’t timeout.
Hope u can give me some advice.
I will test it.

Can you share your log?


 |2023/1/16 05:37:17|PktHandler|Info|Cleaning up connection because of 14 resends of COMMAND packet||
|2023/1/16 05:37:17|PktHandler|Info|Dropping client 106 because of resend timeout||
|2023/1/16 05:37:17|ClientUI|Info|Connect status: Disconnected||
|2023/1/16 05:37:17|ClientUI|Info|Connection lost, want autoreconnect = 1||
|2023/1/16 05:37:18|ClientUI|Info|Autoreconnecting||
|2023/1/16 05:37:18|ClientUI|Info|Connect to server:||
|2023/1/16 05:37:18|ClientUI|Info|Initiating connection:||
|2023/1/16 05:37:18|ClientUI|Info|Connect status: Connecting||
|2023/1/16 05:37:23|ClientUI|Info|Connect status: Disconnected||
|2023/1/16 05:37:23|ClientUI|Info|Initiating connection:||
|2023/1/16 05:37:23|ClientUI|Info|Connect status: Connecting||
|2023/1/16 05:37:24|PktHandler|Info|Cleaning up connection because of 5 resends of COMMAND packet||
|2023/1/16 05:37:24|ClientUI|Info|Connect status: Disconnected||
|2023/1/16 05:37:24|ClientUI|Info|Failed to connect to server, want autoreconnect = 1||
|2023/1/16 05:37:25|ClientUI|Info|Autoreconnecting||
|2023/1/16 05:37:25|ClientUI|Info|Connect to server:||
|2023/1/16 05:37:25|ClientUI|Info|Initiating connection:||

After i reply u I lost the connection xD…


Which client are you using?

Teamspeak3 version:3.5.6
Plugins:just have a Chinese translation

I just tested that server and I also lost connection after 7min, this has nothing to do with your internet or client. The problem is with the host. (server host)

It is a chinese server in China. Other friends won’t lost connection. I dont know why. can u send me a server from ur country ? I want to have a test . And my own server also have this problem … u can have a test . thx

Try the official TeamSpeak Public. You can reach it via


If you lose connection to TS5 Client again, then you have a problem with your host.
Let us know :slight_smile:

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