TeamSpeak3 Server Group Order

I am looking to see how I can move some of my Server Groups in the order I need them in. Could someone give me a detailed way on how to do this. I was looking and I saw something about a permission but it doesn’t explain any further on how it works to move the groups. I’m more of a step by step kind of guy, I need to know how to do things in detail so I don’t screw up. Thanks!

Let me quote myself from old forum.

To change the menu order, you have to set the permission i_group_sort_id into the group.
The highest value has priority and then the group ID when 2 or more groups have the same value in permission i_group_sort_id

There is not much more to explain here.

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Well I knew that. I just dont know what to click when I’m there at that option?

Disregard last. I figured it out!

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