[Teamspeak3]Server Problem I need Help

Hi, guys

2020-01-23 17:16:44.357430|ERROR |Accounting | |was started too many times in a certain time period, instance will shutdown

How can we solve ?

How many times did you launch the start command? Try waiting a little then retry

Error: virtualserver started too many times in a certain time period

Description: You start a server instance and then this same instance stops within 5 seconds of it being started. This happened more than 3 times in a 41 minute window.

Solution: You should first investigate how you managed to trigger this error and change your scripts to avoid triggering the conditions above. Then you must not start any server instance for the 12 minute grace period mentioned above. After this wait, you should be able to start your instance normally.

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@TheViceroys , Thank you for the help.