TeamSpeak3 Theme Help

Hello guys, someone can help me to fix some visual glitch on my teamspeak3 theme?

ToDo List:

  1. Servers tabs are not attached to the server tree.:x:TODO

  2. Make the border of the blocks rounded.:x:TODO
    If some of you is able to modify the clientinfo.tpl / channelinfo.tpl you can reply to this message.

  3. Change the links color. :white_check_mark:FIXED

  4. Fix the chat textbox/button. :white_check_mark:FIXED

  5. Server Tree Tooltip. :white_check_mark:FIXED


I´d like to use that skin in the future since its almost the same as ts5! And by far it seems good looking i can tell ya boy ! Keep up the good work ! And when u finished dont forget to send me the dl Link for ur Skin. :pray:

Thanks! :smiley:
Of course I will send you the theme, but for now it is very glitchy, I need to fix more things, If you want you can help me with the points of the “ToDo List”. :relaxed:

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It’s probably a margin problem with QTreeView.


Yes it is, but idk why the tabs don’t slide down with the QTreeView.

I’ve tryed but it seems not working. :thinking:

That’s probably due to the nesting of the elements. I’d personally move the tree view up. It might go against your artistic visions, but you don’t really want to wrestle around with TeamSpeak Qt too much.

Correct, I remember now, tmp files are fairly restricted, even more so than qss files - they are pretty bare bone. It’s one of those things you unfortunately have to live with.

It’s possible to make “if statement” inside the .qss file?

I haven’t tried that, but I doubt it.

That is how it look now:


i wonder if u got any news yet to tell us ?

I have fixed the tooltip, the thing that when you go with the mouse over a client it shows you some infos.

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looks great, where can i download this theme?

Currently is not downloadable

let me know when it’s time

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