TeamSpeak3 Windows client sends incoming sound back out

I have had the following setup forever: in-ear headphones, microphone on desk, teamspeak voice activation (volume gate), Windows 10

I have never had a problem with that.

I skipped a few upgrades for a year… still no problems. But since I last upgraded to the current version (3.5.6 2020-11-25 14:53:42), some things happened:

  • My voice activation threshold was off, I had to talk really loud so others could still hear me (fixed that by adjusting the threshold down quite a bit)
  • After I restarted the PC the next day, suddenly the voice activation was too sensitive. So I put it back up again. Problem solved.
  • Then, the worst problem: The sound I hear from other people suddenly showed up on my voice activation threshold level. So the incoming sound gets redirected to the output all of a sudden (I am NOT using loudspeakers but cabled in-ear headphones!). So when people speak louder and louder, at some point the voice activation kicks in and they can hear themselves.

This is quite annoying.

  • I am quite sure that I did not install any Windows updates during the time that problem started showing up.
  • Discord works just like always/supposed, I dont have that problem there
  • I certainly have NOT messed around in my Windows Sound Settings (no stereo mixer).
  • Now, in TS, I have “automatic” caputure mode and device is set to “Microphone (High Definition Audio Device)” as always.

Any experience with that? For me it looks like the latest version brougth this mess with it…


  • I have tested the problem on TS servers that play music etc, cannot reproduce it there.
  • Looks like maybe it has to do with a friend of mine. I set him as admin on my server. Is it possible that some individual setting create this problem? When he talks and I go into options->capture->test mode, I can literally see his voice bounce my voice activation bar. This does not happen on music servers etc.