Teamspeak3 with mariadb plugin


first of all I have to say huge compliment on the progress with teamspeak3. The new SSH-Service for having encrypted admin console Connection, the IPv6 support (finally), the debug options with logging and all the other nice features you added to the server is amazing. I really appreciate all the work which the “normal” users dont even see or appreciate.

A while ago I decided to migrate my sqlite db to mariadb because first of all no huge fan of sqlite and second it’s better in terms of parallel connections/accesses.

The only thing that bothers me is that I have to restart teamspeak, whenever I have to restart my database. Is there a workaround for that or are there code changes needed. Thats the only thing left for me to say: this is the perfect software and I dont need to care about it at all.

Im pretty experienced in Linux things and the other services I dont need to restart when I do db maintenance or upgrade (like today cause of security)

Thanks for any feedback.