Teamspeak5 Client stays on "reconnecting" after waking Windows from sleep


for normally i leave my pc in sleep and rarely shut him down.
But what i could notice the past few months is that sometimes when i am waking up my system again the Teamspeak5 Client stays at “reconnecting” at the bottom left where the profile is.

I also can write just as normal with friends i added over the teamspeak network but i cant upload any images, so just text messages.

EDIT: Also, the only way to fix this for me is to fully exit the client and start it up again.

Your Problem look like this: TeamSpeak Bug Report ?

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First close your Client and check if the Progress is shutdown and not running in Background!

Try to delete your cache and your tschat.dll and than relaunch the TS5 Installer with the repair function.

This helped me in a similar way, it apparently comes from the DLL files.

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