TeamSpeak Bug Report


i like to report a few bugs, wich occur daily.

First are the Avatar Bugs :

On 2 of my Client i have the Problem, that when i set an avatar it has 3 various Avatars.

Eq. Avatar Left Corner, Avatar in Chats (x2).

Exqample: Beta Chat: Yellow Avatar, Beta Chat DE: Pink Avatar.

Lastly when somebody adds you, you don’t see his avatar without a restart.

Secondly i like to report the Do not Distrubute and Group Mute Bug.

Sometimes i can’t mute Groups or mute everithing with Do not Distrubute.

Then I always have to leave, which is annoying.

Third i like to report the Disconnect Bug.

Sometimes i get randomly disconnected after a short “Power Safe” Cycle, but X minutes delayed after I could already use the client again.

Strangely enough, the chat can still be used, but contacts and groups are no longer displayed. It would also be nice to see groups and contacts when you are offline.

Fourthly i like to report the Chat Message Clock Bug:

For a long time I only had this bug in the public rooms. Unfortunately, the bug could not be located at that time, since the attack on TeamSpeak and Cloudflare I have it strangely in private chat rooms and no longer in the group chats.


Lastly the good old Media Bug:

This Bug happens every day, and is more than annoying…


Some other bugs get on my nerves, which preempt me every day, but I don’t have the time to list them all here.

I was very fascinated by TeamSpeak at the beginning, but what happened to it. Totally unusable for productive work.

All these bugs will probably never go away, and the media bugs have been on the changelist several times.

Since some assumed it was due to my network I installed the whole thing on 2 separate VM’s outside my network and behold the same problems.


1.) The avatar bug is already on our toDo list.

2.) What does that mean? “Sometimes i can’t mute groups” - Does the client still play the incoming message sound? Do you mean the windows notifications? - Please provide us more informations, otherwise we need to guess around and maybe also provide a way to reproduce it. + What i could reproduce here is that i still get windows notifications while being in DND mode. I added this into our bug tracker.

3.) The disconnect bug still seems to be an rare bug which only happens for a handfull users. What are here the steps to reproduce? Do you close your notebook which goes into the sleep / power saving mode which triggers this after some minutes delay?

4.) Do you still have the pending messages (clock bug) ?

5.) Again missing details, you mean the scaling of the image because of its width/height ratio?

I would not say that the client is unusable for productive work, since we are also using it every day but we will have a look at your report to see what we can do here


I have this too, if my PC going into the Power Safe Mode. After i will use my PC again, my Client is not connecting to the Chat Service anymore and i must do a Client restart and then its solved for me.