Text is not formatted correctly (in the new Teamspeak)

Recently I changed some settings on my server, including channel descriptions with clickable links. But in the new teamspeak the format isn’t correct accepted.

The Teamspeak 3 description

The new Teamspeak one:

Ts5 Beschreibung

I have nothing changed regarding the format and both of the pictures were captured on the same server and same channel.

(Sorry for the german text in the pictures but I don’t want to change the description just for this)

This is known and intended as the all new TeamSpeak dies not support all BB codes but rather uses markdown.

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Okay, sorry. I didn’t know that

I wonder how many servers are facing this problem - or are going to face it in the future. I haven’t heard anything about TS3’ EOL, so both clients will potentially coexist for years to come.
Maybe it would be the most sensible options to add [TS3] and [TS5] tags to both clients, that would filter out the content that is tagged with opposite client “version”.
Unless TS3 is supposed to receive markdown support in the future. I don’t remember reading about it.