TFAR plugin - "error error error..." continuos message when connected to Arma3 server

Hi everyone, first time writing in a forum. I couldn’t find a solution to this topic anywhere on the internet.
Background: I use TS with TaskForceArrowheadRadio plugin to play on our Arma3 server and everything works fine.
Sometimes, totally randomly, one or more user starts hearing the classic TS notification voice saying “error, erro, error, error…” with no stop. This happens only some times, randomly, to new and old players. Apparently, no other text error is shown in the chatbox. The only way we managed to temporary fix the problem is to grant admin permission to the user, but this cannot be a long term solution.
I couldn’t fine anything relatable on internet. Any guesses?

Check the client log for the errors.

Tools > Client log

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Thanks, I’ll give a look and I’ll update the post