The ability to like messages

I think it would be a good idea to add the ability to like messages on the TS5 client, it would be very interesting and easier to communicate (at least for me), it would be a way to “seen” or answer a short question, or just express some emotions.

We can do a little voting now.

Qute this if you think this is a good idea. :grinning:


Quote this if this is unnecessary or bad. :roll_eyes:

It would be nice to explain your vote and maybe add another idea :grin:

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Hello this is already possible you can put an emoticon


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you didn’t understand me, i mean Like sent message, like on facebook messinger, not to send emoticons, or maybe its better to call it “React to message”,

Like this:




The backend already supports it (which is not unknown as some other people mentionend on the forum or in the beta group), I really hope they add support for the client too! :slight_smile:

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too :stuck_out_tongue:

Funny that you came up with Facebook messenger first because iirc discord allows this of course since forever :wink:

:rofl: thanks for quote xd

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