The client does crash when i close "Action!"

I have problem with TeamSpeak 5. When I have TS5 running and want to close “Action! 4” TS5 crashes. It can be seen in the video on YouTube


Do you have a crashdump
%LocalAppData%\TeamSpeak\User Data\Crashpad\reports

and log for us?

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Yup! There you go

403 :upside_down_face: Geoblock around the EU. Could load it via vpn.



Check this

Hello TeamSpeak community, I come to report an error that is occurring in the client, when closing a video recorder the program turns the client all gray, so having to restart it to return to normal!

What is this recorder?


Action, A game recorder

I can suggest obs / obs studio instead of action, i and all of my friends use this and it does not cause any problems :slight_smile:
Even as a temporary solution :slight_smile:

Can reproduce the black screen but have no answer or solution yet.
Can only forward this to our developers.

We will report back in case we found anything.

Update 1
The --no-sandbox parameter may help here.

  • Do a right click on your TeamSpeak 5 shortcut.
  • There you select Properties and following window opens
  • Select the Shortcut tab
  • In Target you add space and --no-sandbox at the end
  • Apply and start the client with that shortcut.