The Direction TeamSpeak is Taking

Let me start by saying that I truly love TeamSpeak and therefore all my expressed opinions are correlated to by recent decisions made by TeamSpeak.

Wasting time on non sensical things such as changing white/black list to allow/deny list. Changing the logo when the community wanted the new logo made.

What concerns me and others is that what is constantly being said: “What if TeamSpeak decides to make more stringent policies, bans words etc… in the future.”

The changes seem like its coming from an unstable TeamSpeak. Better communication is necessary. I know many users that left to Discord over the course of last year and they were incredibly annoyed and angry at the way TeamSpeak was conducting the beta.

Anyways, I thought I should express this to the community because many users are feeling the same way.

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Beforehand, this is my opinion, not necessarily the company’s :slight_smile:

Appreciate your concerns! The change of the logo should be understood in the context of the whole “back to the roots” campaign. We felt like we shouldn’t try to just be a second Discord or whatever and focus on what makes TeamSpeak stand out and has always been what made TeamSpeak special - and that also has immense consequences in the technical field!

That directly leads me to your second concern: censorship of any kind. In contrast to Discord e.g., TeamSpeak can be self-hosted. What you do with and on your own server is your own choice.

The central infrastructure that we do have is myTeamSpeak. Here, we have to enforce certain rules, there is no way around that (in the end, that’s just compliance to law). You are totally free to use or not use myTeamSpeak though!

I personally feel like we have a pretty clear view of what to do and where to go right now. And I hope users like you will feel that too in the not so distant future!