The question of rights

1 I want to make sure that users can create their own channels (Only in certain sections)

2 I want to make auto-deletion of channels (via bots) channels that are not used after a while.
What parameters need to be twisted so that it does not delete the channels that I need as the main ones?

3 How to make users create a channel according to the standard of a certain parameter? (So that the bot can delete it over time)

I got a job in 2 months, but I forgot everything already (((

As about the channel creation i guess you can allow them to create permanent channels in specifi parent channel (by setting up the correct permissions).
As about the automatic deletion you can use the JTS3 Server Mod Bot by Stefan.

It has an option to set specific channels and subchannels to be check and if they are inactive for the period you set they get deleted.

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I’ve already figured out all this))
It remains to be done so that they can create channels in certain sections.

You can use SinusBot and this Script: Private Channel Manager | SinusBot Forums for creating chnnels. Simply specify a channel that the client must enter and possibly a server group that the user must have. The bot can then create a channel and gives the user channeladmin.

That’s an easy part. Unless you want a specific server group to do this, then Instead of granting permissions to a server group or channel group, you need to grand permission to these channels. With this way, every user will be able to create his subchannel bellow the parent channel.
p.x: in channel “game room 1” grand the permission 'b_channel_create_child" and any other permission you want (like temporary channel or permanent channel, allow topic, description etc.)

If you need any further help, we are here to help :slight_smile:

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