The "Report issue" button built-in Teamspeak 5 links to the wrong website? - 2 BUG REPORTS

So I first found this bug:
If you try to join a server through bookmarks, get an error, change the IP on the bookmark to a working one and click Retry on the error message, Teamspeak will try to reconnect to that last IP and not the updated one. To fix it you close the connection and click on the bookmark again.

So I went to settings> About> Report an issue. Which to me it sounds like reporting bugs and things like that. I filled the form and the reply I got was this:
" Unfortunately, technical support is no longer available on this platform. The technical team can now be found on the forums. Before you post on the forums, please search the forums first to see if an answer is already available for you. If an answer isn’t there, feel free to post so we can assist you."

Should be changed or a button with Report bug should be added. First time posting here I hope everything is correct

  • This is by design and not a bug.

The server tab does re use the information it had when it was opened.
So changing anything in a bookmark has no effect.

  • The link will be changed. We have this on our todo

What is the second bug?


Oh nvm then, these were the 2 bugs hehe and apparently 1 of them isn’t a bug sorry :frowning: