The resolved dns name produced no (usable) records

I have a local TS server on my network which is all IPv6 (and dhcp IPv4 for internet routing) and I’m able to connect to it using the TS3 client just fine over IP address, but if I use the hostname i get the message: The resolved dns name produced no (usable) records

Here are the errors I get in the log:

Here are my DNS records:

Thank you for the clarification, I’ve cleaned up my DNS to match your recomendations, however even with the removal of the ts CNAME, I get the below error after the client fails to lookup but finds the SRV record associated with

4/23/2020 04:30:02 TSDNS Info A/AAAA DNS resolve unsuccessful, “” DNS server returned answer with no data

However, I am able to query and log into over ssh with no DNS issues.

edit: This is just with ipv6, my records over the internet which are ipv4 work as expected (also without the ts CNAME per your recommendation).

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This is internal DNS that I host for my LAN. I have a public DNS service that I configure separately for internet requests. Public DNS works great and clients have no issues because I only return IPv4 records, LAN DNS does not work when IPv6 records are returned, only IPv4.

The reason for the record is so that my mobile teamspeak clients can roam between internet and LAN connections without needing to add the hostname of the TS3 server into the public DNS.

The LAN connection seems to work on my PC client if I use IPv4 A records, but using IPv6 AAAA records is where the issue of no useable records occurs. I sent you the current state of the DNS records.

So I’m just trying to get a simple versionthat works and the original issue still exists

These records:

svhqts01                AAAA    fd00:f9a8:172:16:xx:xx:xx:xx
svhqts01v4              A       172.16.0.xx
_ts3._udp.ts    60      SRV     20 0 9987 svhqts01

still result in “the resolved dns name produced no useable records”

But when I set the ts3._udp.ts SRV record to point to svhqts01v4, it connects just fine. so the issue is that an otherwise useable IPv6 AAAA record isn’t being processed correctly by teamspeak. Seems like a bug to me.

Furthermore, if I use the below records with a CNAME:

svhqts01                AAAA    fd00:f9a8:172:16:xx:xx:xx:xx
svhqts01v4              A       172.16.0.xx
ts                      CNAME   svhqts01v4
_ts3._udp.ts    60      SRV     20 0 9987 ts

it also works just fine, so the CNAME is not the issue, it’s a teamspeak issue with AAAA records.

The issue is that TeamSpeak is failing to intreprit AAAA DNS records. All of the other issues your are trying to resolve are inconsequential.

The _ts3 SRV records are a cool feature, but they ONLY work when pointed to an IPv4 A record. if they point at an AAAA record that fails with "The resolved dns name produced no (useable) records. This is ONLY and issue with Teamspeak, as all other applications on my network are able to resolve AAAA records correctly.
Additionally, if I use NO SRV records and only connect directly to the A or AAAA record, teamspeak will only connect successfully to the A DNS IPv4 address