The server I won in 2019 can't be reached

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Hey hey

me and my friend can’t reach our TS Server for like a week. It was fine the Days before. We tried a lot of those things described in another Thread here. Nothing helped us so far. Maybe you can help us? Sry for my English, its not my native language

I actually use another Server, which works fine

the Error:

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Can be anything. Maybe IP changed or they turned it off or activated a firewall rule etc.

Please contact the admin or provider who owns or host the server. They are the only one who know what is going on.


I won the Server at a TS event. Its a free server to use (perm.), which Host do I need to call?

What for a TS Event?

from the official TS Facebook page:

I won a Hosted Server

Ohhh… In that case we from TeamSpeak are in charge to find out what happened.

@Five_Alive. Do you know what happened to these sever(s)?

I will move the post out from that collection thread.


We’re looking into this now :+1:


The server is running again.

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