The TeamSpeak server could not validate your my TeamSpeak ID. about the error

Hello dear community,

I don’t understand why this problem happened to me, but if I need to briefly explain the incident. My friends told me that my badges were not visible, I thought I needed to log in to my account again to fix the problem, so I deleted the account and added it again, but my data was not visible, so I did not think there would be a problem. Now I can’t see my badges, but when I type in the code of a badge I bought earlier, I get a warning that I have this badge.
I also get the error in the photo.

Screenshot by Lightshot badges
Screenshot by Lightshot error

Can you help me with this?

ThirtyOne :slight_smile:

Try the following solutions:

The problem has been solved you can follow this topic.

Here the problem was a password reset and no recovery key was used or fallback was triggered yet.