The .ts3_plugin is not a recognized file, previous solutions not working

Hi, sorry this question seems to be common, but the solutions from previous discussions are not working.

I’m installing the Task Force Arrowhead Radio mod for Arma 3 and when I try to install Task_force_radio.ts3_plugin, ts3_plugin is not recognized as a file type and Windows prompts me to open it with another application, defaulting to notes. In the discussion from October 23, two users had the same problem. One of them was told to run a .exe file that would allow the file to be recognized. It worked for them, but a second user didn’t see the files in their installation file. However, they reinstalled the Teamspeak client which appeared as “Teamspeak 3” and the files appeared in the folder.

I followed the previous discussion’s suggestions and reinstalled the client, however, it has not changed. The client is not “Teamspeak 3” and the files are still missing from the folder. Does everything have to be installed in the same folder/drive? I don’t know at this point… Any suggestion would be great!

Screenshot (230)

This won’t work.
You installed the TS5 client and not TS3 where the plugin belongs into.

You need to install the TS3 Client