The TSDNS server (IP) does not know (name)

Every time I try to connect to my server, I get an error message, that seems to be a problem since 2013.
Could anyone help me out with this?

It’s a TSDNS error, which says that couldn’t find any domain with that (name).

That’s not an Error at all. Else log would print error.

Either no TSDNS is not setup.
Or it was setup but whatever was set in there is no longer valid.

You should not longer use it anyways and use A / AAAA DNS / SRV Records instead. But client will try to resolve for legacy support.

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So what’s the best thing to do in this case?

Cause it’s not even my server, it’s from my IT corp.

Let me know, please and thank you!

Contact the owner of the server to fix or remove his TSDNS entries.

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