Tokovoip 1.2.6 Crashing on servers except One specific one

Im currently attempting to join servers using OneSync which uses the TokoVoip 1.2.6 plugin. I recently installed Teamspeak on a fresh windows installed SSD, along with the plugin. and attempted to join some servers on fiveM that required it. Upon joining the server, that requires TS open, it instantly crashes.
I have attempted to disable the plugin and i am able to stay in the server, however once I reanable Tokovoip, it instantly crashes.

I should note I have also tried joining nopixel and that seems to be the only server where this plugin does not crash. (I have been able to join servers in the past)

Please contact the plugin author to get this solved or uninstall that addon then.

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Started having the exact same issue this morning. Worked fine for over a week and now all of a sudden when TokoVOIP attempts to connect it instantly crashes.