TokoVoip Offline

I installed Tokovoip correctly and if i try to use it on a gta 5 fiveM server it says TokoVoip Offline at the Topleft and i am in the good room in teamspeak but the game just wont recognize TokoVoip anyone has a fix?

to others it work correctly?
api level? ts version?

i think its not ts bug so…
you should write to the addon developer.
if gta/ addon bug we can’t help with it.

I have the same problem with him (look at the photo)

. My TeamSpeak3 version 3.5.3 with the TokoVOIP plugin 1.5.4. I don’t know what happened, but this incident happened when I updated TeamSpeak3 version 3.5.3. Please help and thank you for reading :slight_smile: