Tooltips do not disappear sometimes

For a while now, I’ve noticed a problem with TS5. Sometimes, when I move my mouse away, the tooltips don’t go away like they should. It happens when you hover over something and you go quickly to another hoverable element, in this case its the “resize sidebar” hover effect.

It’s a bit tricky to make it happen, but it happens almost always for me.
Whenever I’m using Teamspeak, I see one of the tooltips getting stuck. I think this happens because I use two monitors, and I move my mouse quickly over the Teamspeak window.

Untitled video (1)

I know it’s not a big deal :sweat_smile:. I just wanted to mention it, maybe for the future.

I am not even sure if this is a bug that can be easily “fixed.” It seems more like an issue with Chromium or something like that. The “:hover” event doesn’t seem to trigger properly, I guess.


Not that tricky. Let me quote from a ticket.

Opened tooltips stay open when user moves his mouse over the scrollbar OR the expand sidebar button.

We have this on our list. Thanks :slight_smile: