Transfer Identity from Mobile to Computer

How do I export my identity from the IOS mobile app to my IOS computer?

Guessing from that you can post here, you have myTS account. If you want to use same identity on multiple devices, simply turn on synchronization on your phone, let it synchronize and log in on your computer to the same account. Everything should be just as it was on phone.

Preferably change the name of this identity just in case, as sometimes just using ”Default” might have unforeseen consequences.

I no longer have my recovery key. What will happen if I hit fallback?

From what I know, you’ll lose everything, but I’m not 100% sure.

Maybe @TS.ChrisR will help.

Hi. I restored my PC and my Recovery-Key did not work on my new PC. So i tried it on my iOS App and it works well with first try there.
So now i want to export the ID of the App and maybe get a new Recoverykey that i can use on my new PC, because i dont want to transfer all the Servers and Password etc. which i collected for years… can anybody help me out with that one?


You can not export anything.
You must Sync your Identity and bookmarks when logged in into your myTS account.

When the recovery key worked on the iOS device then your account should work on all clients without getting asked for the key again.

Yes in case that the client where you do the Fallback has no items in cache. Esle it would re-upload these.

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