Treat bot query as a normal user

Hello everybody,

I would like to treat my TS-N ranking bot as a normal user so that users can write to the bot. The bot is currently logged on as a server admin query. However, I wonder if everything is reset to zero when the server is restarted or the ranking system is restarted.

best regards

I think to make the bot appear like a normal user your bot would need to be modified to connect to a TS3 Client though the ClientQuery plugin, or rewritten as a full plugin for TS3 client.

Not sure I understand the resetting to zero when restarted question. As far as the TS3 server, it will remember created permission groups and for permanent groups who was assigned to them when the server restarts. If you are talking about something related to the bot you are using I have now idea.

ok, to put it another way: if I want to assign a UID to the ranking bot, is this possible via the server query login? But then I have the problem again what happens when I restart the server?

I mean you can list the bot’s UID in chat & channel description by dragging them from the server tree while having server query visible to the chat box and it’ll create a clickable link which allows you to open chat with them.

Then if they’re configured to receive messages, they can do so.

I’m not sure how TS-N’s ranking bot scripts work but unless they’re connected constantly versus cron they wouldn’t be able to receive these messages without heavy modifications.

I imagine someone familiar with this bot would be able to advise further.

No, unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. I’ll see if I can find anything there. Thank you :slight_smile: