Trouble adding Push-to-Talk Keybind along with the other Keybinds

I’ve recently downloaded Teamspeak Client 3 for MacOS. I have gone into the ‘Preferences’ Tab under the ‘Teamspeak 3’ Category at the top and proceeded to ‘Capture’ where it gives me the option to select ‘Push to Talk’, which I have done. I have not already recorded a keybind for it so I pressed ‘No Hotkey Assigned’ and it proceeded to pop up with ‘Press Hotkey Combination. ESC to cancel or to clear the hotkey’. Whilst this screen was showing I was clicking Control, Option, and then eventually Fn F1, FN F2 etc but found that the screen would not change. I had clicked ESC and the screen disappeared so clearly it wasn’t frozen, but just wasn’t allowing the key combinations.

I did the same in the ‘keybinds’ tab and the same thing happened. Any ideas?