Trouble using overwolf teamspeak overlay

When I install the overwolf teamspeak overlay, it works just fine. However, after I shut down the PC or the TS3 or overwolf client and open it again, it doesn’t work anymore. the Overwolf Overlay app keeps saying “loading” and doesn’t recognize the TS3 client or the server info or the channel I’m in.

I don’t want to inject overwolf into any games, I just want to use the Channel Viewer pop-up window in my second monitor.

I already tried starting both apps with admin rights, tried everything in the overwolf ts overlay troubleshooting page on their website, tried closing ts and opening overwolf first, tried opening the ts client through the overwolf overlay shortcut. Nothing works so far.

If I fresh install the overwolf teamspeak overlay app and run it, for the first time it works, but then it stops working again.

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