Troubles with permisions

we have a ts3 and 5 server, im a administrator, in ts3 i can see permisions and modify but in ts5 i cant modify, why??

You cant modify the TeamSpeak 5 Server via a TeamSpeak 3 Client that is currently not supported.
If you connect via the TeamSpeak 5 Client to your TeamSpeak 3 Server, than you can edit your permissions over the TeamSpeak 5 Client that is possible.

Or what do you mean exactly?

the strange thing is that I have two ts servers in one of them I can modify from ts5 but not in the other and I don’t know what the problem may be

Can you show us some screenshots, so we may be able to help you further out?

Your admin group probably does not have the permission b_virtualserver_servergroup_list granted.

can you tell me the exact path in the advanced settings?

That is already the permission name. You just need to grant it for your server group.

Just search for the permission name, it will automatically show the description name, when you have not changed the search type.

(I highlighted the search type)

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i need 100?

No the power is not relevant. Try setting it to the skip type and then see it that changes anything. Otherwise I’m not sure what the problem is.

okay thanks anyway